36 Days of Type

An exercise in creativity

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A passion project thousands strong

36 Days of Type is an annual open challenge inviting creatives to express their take on each letter and number of our alphabet. My series presented here revolves around the theme of art and design history, with each letter being dedicated to a particular movement or technique, and numerals paying tribute to each decade.
Letter O Artwork
Number 0 artwork
Each piece uses different techniques spanning digital and analog media, from embroidery, to linocut, to animation. Further exciting opportunities exist to create a complete alphabet in one style, or incorporate these techniques into future projects.
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“A 36 day open call of restless creativity”

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Letter A artworkLetter B artworkLetter C artworkLetter D artworkLetter E artworkLetter F artwork
Letter H artworkLetter I artworkLetter J artworkLetter K artworkLetter L artworkLetter M artwork
Letter O artworkLetter P artworkLetter Q artworkLetter R artworkLetter S artworkLetter T artworkLetter U artworkLetter V artworkLetter W artworkLetter X artworkLetter Y artwork
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