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Focussing on the details that make Christmas special

Well known as a local shop full of useful smaller items, Budgens wanted to make sure their customers think of them for Christmas essentials. They needed a modern look and a compelling message to set their offering apart from the more traditional competition.
Moodboard showing Christmas colour and style ideas
After an initial round of research into competitors and Budgens’ market, we established that people tend not to use them for the bulk of their Christmas food shop. Rather, they are the “life-saver”, the go-to for smaller items that may be forgotten or harder to find elsewhere. We needed to celebrate this purpose.
A product-driven campaign was essential to spark that recognition of needing to pick up a certain item. I designed multiple creative routes using several appealing food visuals, including the smaller touches that are often forgotten. I further developed two options for versatility, knowing that Budgens often like to include product photography in their campaigns.
Mockup of a store layout with floor vinyls, shelf fins and hanging cards featuring a Christmas campaign design

Creatives are always refined via discussion and feedback to ensure the work fulfils its purpose and resonates with the audience

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Magazine mockup showing a Christmas campaign idea with photography and large typography
After a round of discussion and amends, we decided to combine illustration and photography for strong visuals and sensory connection. The proposed headlines focussed on making Christmas perfect through the details (e.g. “It’s the brandy butter on the pudding”) which we distilled into an impactful strapline for the entire campaign: “It’s not Christmas without Budgens”.
A design system was established using warm tones of purple, a stark illustration style and specific typographic pairings so Budgens' in house team could continue to adapt the campaign across social and digital media. Meanwhile, we worked with the printers to roll out in-store artwork across hanging cards, shelf strips, price tags, fins, ears, bunting, and more.
Campaign materials were distributed throughout the UK to over240 stores
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Christmas value card with a wine glassChristmas value card with a turkeyChristmas beer cardChristmas fruit cardChristmas vegetables cardChristmas pudding cardChristmas meat cardChristmas wine card
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Ellen Covey: Design & art direction
Work completed at Fishpie


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