Building an intense & inclusive fitness brand

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Solving a gender myth

Gentle can’t be powerful, natural can’t be strong and feminine can’t be tough.
False… false… false.
PureActive is a startup on a mission to make highly effective health and fitness products that are accessible to all. With the founders, I created a comprehensive brand from the ground up that’s inviting to women in particular, without being patronising. It all began with the concept of grace meeting strength, which is expressed through elegant contrast in everything from the logo, to packaging, to tone of voice.
Rough sketches of packaging and logo ideas
Logo design with alignment guides
Visuals consist of a hierarchy of core elements including patterns, colours and photography. PreExercise variants have a hand-painted flower print, LeanFast uses nature imagery, and variants such as flavour are depicted through accent colours. The luxury packaging makes use of multiple print finishes such as Pantone spot colours, matte spot varnish and silver substrate to highlight the premium formulas.
Pre exercise packaging shown on bottles
get in touch roundel
Leanfast packaging shown on a bottle
PureActive runs marketing campaigns and collaborations online and in gyms, making use of printed promotional materials and pop-up environmental designs. Strong visual differentiation from traditionally masculine workout brands has been highly successful in drawing in customers.
At the time of writing, PureActive PreExercise is Amazon’s choice for premium pre-workout, and has over 190 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars
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“We’re delighted to have a brand that stands out so strongly in such a saturated market”

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Pureactive stand with printed logo and brand collateral
Two women in the gym holding a tub of Pureactive pre exercise
An engaging, responsive one-page website rounds out the PureActive brand experience. Aspirational and body-positive images set an encouraging, upbeat tone, and detailed FAQs with transparent product information inspire confidence in the brand. A simple layout and bold colour scheme inspires trust keeps everything easy to digest.
Screenshot of the Pureactive homepage




Ellen Covey: Design & art direction
UnsplashWebsite photography


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