Building a timeless brand for a respected artisan

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Elevating the identity to match the craft

James Winby is a well established and respected furniture designer and maker, who was in need of a much stronger online presence. He had a website which was, in essence, a simple about page with no real user experience design or brand presence. In order to expose his work to a wider audience online, he would need a strong visual brand to complement his excellent craftsmanship and attract new clients.
James’ existing website was looking outdated, with no clear user flow or calls to action. The images of his beautiful furniture were not living up to their potential, and needed to be brought into the spotlight.
A screenshot of James' original basic webiste
James’ website needed to be just as personal and tailored as his furniture. I created custom icons related to his own tools and projects, and worked with a photographer to capture stunning images of his designs that would be best showcased online. It was important that the visual tone match the brand and strategy, so we made use of natural textures and earthy colours for a handmade, high quality feel. To ensure consistency across all touch-points, defining keywords were outlined in the initial proposal.
Custom designed icons featuring a wood plane, chisel and tenon saw
Screenshot of the large slider from the website
The site’s purpose is to inform users about the business, showcase the furniture and give a clear way to get in touch; a single page provides plenty of information without becoming too crowded or overwhelming to navigate. Features include sticky navigation, an updatable image gallery, dropdown bios, a large highlights slider, spam prevention contact form and subtle animations, all to improve the viewer experience, lead them to the contact point, and make the site easy to maintain.
get in touch roundel
Thanks to efforts on search engine optimisation, the majority of online traffic to James’ website at this time is earned

“Ellen managed to understand my requirements for the site perfectly, and then produced something totally original”

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James Winby
We also extended James’ brand across printed collateral such as business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and even custom packing tape. Strong visual guidelines and a library of photographs to choose from mean extra materials can be created as and when needed. We also launched a new Instagram account attached to the website to introduce fresh content and funnel followers to the site.
Image of the website shown scrolling on a laptop
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James Winby


Ellen Covey: Art direction, web design & development
Lara Thorpe: Photography
FishpieBrand concept


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